Over the past eight years I gradually came to the realization that conducting the choir is more than just conducting music, it is about connecting, seeking, questing, dreaming, communicating, waiting, and being of music, I feel I am done with that piece. But when I take it back after some time, I realize it has been growing in me. It always reveals something new that responds to the deeper levels of my being. For me, seeking the ideal of making music is always a project in progress and so am I. Harmony is not only music term. China did not allow their folks to sign in harmony. They only allowed singing in unison. When one mission group sang music with harmony, they noticed something different in audience’s reaction. The audience who is heard the harmony for the first time felt its power, which they could not explain why. That musical power is more effective and influential than any other authority or money. It is a significant and worth to being together and making music in harmony. It is easy for someone to fake being with others, but making music in one of the most difficult things to achieve. Musical may feel uncomfortable, but making music in an ensemble is the best way to achieve way oneness in unity. When we enjoy God’s gifts He has given us to as humble servants before God men, we will receive a variety of God’s blessing.