Arirang, an unfamiliar word… recently an American friend asked what it meant. Exact definition is unclear but yet as a korean would say, it is an unofficial national anthem of Korean and furthermore consensus has agreed that it’s a cultural identity of ethnic expression. Arirang may be the nickname of a loved one or may be a particular terrain. It is a song of imaginary rendezvous of lover, mesmerizing the warmth of heart while murmuring Arirang declares it’s true love. It expresses feeling of parents of those who sent their children off to both WWI and Korean War with longing and hopes of safe return. It may be an expression of hope and gratitude of farmers dancing, singing, giving thanks to an abundant harvest of crops. It is an expression of the milestone of longing for homeland which they cannot return, after the Korean War. How can one express what Arirang means for those who have left the homeland? Of course, we all express Arirang in our own ways and it’s personal. There are variations of melodies, atmosphere, and characteristics of Arirang in different regions of Korea. Thus, Colorado Korean Chorus has sung variety of Arirang for past 10 years and enjoyed every moment. Although, we have differences in appearance, voice, career and thoughts, we have learned to preserve and support each other in becoming one. The power of music has brought us together and though it all, it has been a strong catalyst that binds us and no wealth nor prestige can partition. I appreciate what we have already accomplished and would like to re-evaluate it’s significance and worthiness of being together and making music in harmony. In addition, I look forward to an exciting new journey, new Arirang with our chorus members.