Event Description

The collage of the 20th-century choral music from American and Canadian composers, highlighting fresh atmosphere with unique and various style of music. This annual concert program will include a special performing group, “Modern Ensemble”, visiting from Korea. Established with the focus on propagating Contemporary and Creative Korean music, the “Modern Ensemble” has recently been invited to Contemporary Music Festivals in China, Japan, Poland, and Germany. The Group has showcased Creative Korean Music and received rave reviews as Modern Music professionals.
performing with the Modern Ensemble, a rendition of Modern Ensemble’s specially commissioned pieces specifically for the CKC concert including Creative Korean music and Korean Folk music, and African American Spirituals.

Featured Video

“Moolre-Tahryung” – Kyu-Yung Chin (b.1949)
Soprano solo: Suki Chun / Tenor solo: James Kim

“Shenandoah” – Kevin Memley (b.1971)

“Sehnoya” – Arr. Hyeyoung Cho
Soprano solo: Suki Chun / Mezzo Soprano solo: Maria Shong / Bass: Yooshin Kim

“Come to me My Love by Norman Dello Joio”

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