Event Description

The purpose of this collaborative venue is to present this special program to the community together, showcasing a synergy of diverse choral music and cultural performances that not only promote the building of cultural understanding but also celebrating the resiliency overcoming the fight against Covid-19 together. We plan to invite the local government officials and the First Responders who have been instrumental in fighting at the forefront of this crisis and to thank them for their courage and hard work.

Up to five organizations will be invited to perform at this event (inclusive of Colorado Korean Chorus) and each group will present approximately 10 minutes of repertoire. The event will conclude with all organizations performing with a special song “We’ll Never Walk Alone”.

As the highlight program of this event, we will be making the video showing the past a couple of months that we could not have imagined due to covid-19. We are trying that this video includes the testimonies and experience from medical staff through interviews. This video will provide comfort and courage to each other who will be together in the future as we overcome difficult times for all who will participate in the event.
If you are interested to participate this event, please, call us 720-205-1332 or 720-363-1928.

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