Event Description

Open to the Public
Date: March 1
Time: 7:30 PM
Instructor: Professor Luedloff Brian (Professor of University of Northern Colorado, Director of Fort Collins Opera)
Place: Hope United Methodist Church
Subject: Cultivating efficient, healthy, graceful movement through body mapping on stage and expanding inclusive awareness.

  • How to cultivating and coaching opportunity for the singers during concert in front of the audiences, where they may bring on the stage fright which will dampens the performer’s enthusiasm, expression, and interaction with the audience.
  • How to in ways to ease the tension, anxiety, and nervousness in musical interpretation of vocal expression.
  • How to see ourselves singing on the stage as if we are the audience, from audience’s angle.
  • How to present the chorus in a “big picture”, not just me.
  • How to work on not only the vocal expression but also facial expression.